16 November 2012 - EMPAC
Ralph Lemon

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With 4Walls, Ralph Lemon premieres a live multimedia dance installation that provides four points of view on one dance, giving a new shape to a “dance with no form.”

The basis of the amorphous collaborative work is a play on time, energy, and the disappearing body. Four Walls is an extension of a long-term project that began in 2003 with pieces originally titled Ecstasy and Wall. Lemon's intention for Wall was to create a “dance that disappears”—an attempt, in the words of dramaturge Katherine Profeta, to “fling the body headlong into an instant of pure presence.” Lemon desires to create a work that provides, for viewers, a different kind of engagement in a creative process that is relentless in questioning the nature of what passes between performers and audiences.

With Shoko Letton, Mike Taylor, Gesel Mason, Darrell Jones


This event was co-curated with Ash Bulayev